How to Find Your Passion and Become Unstoppable in Your Business

How to Find Your Passion and Become Unstoppable in Your Business

I work with women who feel depleted because they sacrificed their energy for others. I help them rebuild their health so they can stand in their power and live their life on their terms!

I have been asked by a lot of people how I achieve success in helping people live on their terms. So, to best explain it, I will use my clients’ success stories and as well, get you started today on my powerful process.

I will share with you the case of my dear client, Sara. She showed up in my office because she had anxiety about public speaking. She worked at a big corporation and had just being promoted to the position of being the Head of Human Resources Department. Her new position required her to frequently speak in public, participate in major social events, and facilitate live and remote trainings for employees and top executives in the organization. Every time she was on stage addressing the public while looking at her colleagues sitting in the first row, her knees trembles, her throat closes up, and her body becomes frozen. She would forget her speech and would feel a devastating pain in her solar plexus. After every public speaking event, she always needed to take 2 days off from work in order to recover from the stress-related issues caused by her fear of public speaking.

After Sara worked with me and experienced my powerful program for a month, she was able to minimize her fear by 80%. She could speak on stage and record video trainings for thousands of people who worked in her organization. Her body no longer experienced any physical discomfort. She became confident and self-assured; she remembered the content of her speech, and often times, cracked jokes while on stage. She began to enjoy her new role so much, that she was promoted and thereafter, started to receive invitations to speak from other organizations. Her male executives were impressed with her progress and were curious on how she was able to make a positive shift from her phobia.

During our work together, Sara also discovered that one of her hidden talents was writing. Six month later, she completed a book that tutors young women on how to thrive in a corporate America.  Sara decided to move to another state so that she could spend more time with her kids and as well work on her new book. She made the proper arrangements at work allowing her to work from her home.


 For every client that experiences working with me, I am able to uncover their deepest underlying fears that they are unaware of. Using the Human Design System, I help them realize their heart’s deepest desires and focus their attention on their unique talents and gifts. Then they are able to create a vision for their life that is aligned with their passions.

All my clients complete a powerful exercise called MEET YOUR PASSIONATE SELF. This exercise, being one of my 6-key step process, helps them to identify their passions and align their beliefs with these passions. At the end of this exercise, having understood their passions, they begin to shift their reality and attract more of what they really want. In order to give you a taste of what I do, I will share with you this powerful exercise.

The goal of this exercise is to help you understand the power of your mind and how it can help you shift your reality. If you want something to happen in your life, but it is not happening, this is because your subconscious beliefs are not aligned with your conscious intentions.

 Get three-by-five-inch cards and write down the list of things you love and care about the most. Take some time to notice what really matters to you. Who do you love being around? Where would you love to visit? What would you love to get paid to do? Consider all areas of your life including physical environment/home, career, family, fun, spiritual life, personal relationships, health, finances, etc.

Preparing this list is the first step in the process of having clarity about your passions, and passions are the fuel that creates success in your business and personal life. The sk is the limit; nothing should be too ‘big’ or too ‘small’ to be included into your list. Include all your wishes, dreams and hopes, anything that may still remain from your childhood without having to worry about how you would manifest them. Come from the basis that all resources needed to manifest these things are already in place to help you live your passion fully. The Universe has a better plan in mind for you than what you can imagine, but only as long as you’re open to receive it.

Put the three-by-five cards somewhere you can see them several times a day. Best places are in your purse or wallet, your bathroom mirror, by your computer, on the refrigerator, or even on the dashboard of your car. In order to make a choice in favor of your passions, you have to remember that for every time you look at this list, you are making a decision. Here’s the secret law that will guarantee you a fulfilling life:

Whenever you are faced with a decision, a choice, or an opportunity, choose in favor of your passions

The purpose of having these cards in visible places is to help you keep your attention on your passions. You don’t need to concentrate on these cards, or figure out how to bring them into reality. The most important thing you should do every time you look at this list is to choose in favor of your passions.

Here are recommendations to follow in order to develop success habits:

  1. Take out time daily and review your top passions
  2. Choose in favor of your passions, whenever you’re faced with a decision
  3. Share your passions with others on a regular basis (family, friends, coworkers)
  4. Take responsibility for the life you’ve created
  5. Get regular exercise and rest – don’t wait to stop until you drop
  6. Eat healthy foods that support and help to promote a strong body and a clear mind
  7. Be optimistic and uplift others through your speaking and presence
  8. Develop a personalized routine or a spiritual practice that helps you be connected to your spirit

Speaking of passion, my passion is to help people live their lives on their own terms! I enjoy helping them eliminate limiting beliefs so they become clear on their vision and manifest anything they desire.

That’s why I offer a complimentary “Set Your Own Terms” breakthrough consultation where I will help you to:

  • Create a sense of clarity about your heart’s deepest desires and help you paint a picture of your Ideal lifestyle.
  • Find out essential building blocks that create a Passionate and Inspired life.
  • Discover the number one belief that blocks you from living a purposeful life and impacting the world in a tangible way.
  • Identify the most powerful actions you can take to move you towards getting tangible results.
  • Complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to start living life on your own terms.


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