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Friday Morning PERK breakfasts bring out a room full of smiling faces as well as a guest speaker.  Guest Speakers discuss a variety of topics, and these pages will offer “recaps” of the topics covered as your “reference library” in case you’d like to contact one of our speakers directly.

We hope you’ll join us on Fridays, for a day of camaraderie and networking, and a chance to learn something new from our guest speakers!


Perk Speaker Jeremy Skillings on Optimizing Your Search Engine Results

I want to thank the chamber again for allowing me to speak at the Perkolator breakfast on August 17th.  It is always a joy and a pleasure to speak to the group and also to attend and learn from the other great members of this chamber. I wanted to offer a quick overview of what we went over so chambers would have it handy, directly from the chamber website.  If you forgot anything we went over while you were doing your own work, you can always come back here and reference what we talked about.

SEO Overview From My Talk at the Perk

I love to talk with chambers of commerce and business groups and help members understand SEO so they can use it for themselves. If they decide they want me to take care of it for them, even better, but they will at least be equipped to make decisions knowing what is important and what isn’t. As a member of the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce, I take even more pride in helping the members of a group that I am a part of. We can all help each other grow and succeed.

So with that being said, here is the overview.

Your Site Content

I discussed how important it is to have thorough and unique content.  The days of having a few pages on your site with a sentence or two are gone. “Content is King” in SEO and  you need to explain your service, your business process, and why someone should choose you over the others.  At the same time, you should make it very easy for someone to understand how to hire you or buy from you. That is the main goal after all.

User Experience (UX)

While we are talking about making it easy to hire you, Google says that user experience is the top ranking factor. That is pretty vague and doesn’t give us much to go on, but that is how Google works. However, you may not be able to define it very well but you know when your user experience is good or bad.  You want to provide an experience that makes people want to stay, use your site, or hire you.  I talked about some recent bad UX experiences I had. Sometimes we buy tools with the best intentions for our visitors, but when we actually put them in play they can actually make things worse.

Recent Google algorithm updates and ranking factor studies have also shown that page load speed under 3 seconds is extremely important to ranking highly, and that threshold is always getting faster, so keep an eye on your site and consider ways to improve your speed. The tools in my cheat sheet will help you with that.

Inbound Links

The number one ranking factor in terms of correlation to high rankings is inbound links. Basically, this is when another website sends their visitors to yours via a link This is like a vote of credibility for your website or page.  Google looks at the content and authority of the site that links to you and gives you ranking power based on the topic and strength of that site.  Local businesses are boosted by links from local sites that show you are active in your community as well as strong industry and general sites that give you a boost of overall strength and credibility.

Google My Business or GMB

I touched on how important GMB has become for local businesses. You can’t get away with just leaving your name, address, and phone (NAP) out there anymore and hoping that is enough.  You need to interact and inform customers via your Google My Business (GMB) on a regular basis. Often visitors will see your GMB before your website or even instead of your website, so make sure it has a thorough explanation of what you do and that you keep updating and posting.

To find some of the tools I mentioned during our talk, please check out my Chamber Cheat Sheet page and feel free to call and take advantage of our Chamber discount.

You Can Be Found: (732) 462-6019


PERK Speaker Sandy Palermo on “Sub-Acute care”

We know the importance of planning for the future.  Unfortunately none of us plan to have a critical illness, injury, or accident that lands us in the hospital.  These days, hospital stays are shorter than ever, and then you’re told to choose a “sub-acute rehab” to go to because you can’t go home yet.  How do you plan for that?  And what is a “sub-acute rehab” anyhow?

Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan is a sub-acute rehab.  “Sub-acute and “Post-acute” mean the same thing when it comes to rehab facilities.  It literally means AFTER your stay in a hospital (which is an “acute” care facility).  It’s important to have a basic understanding of this just in case an unfortunate event happens to you or someone you care about.  If you’re in the hospital for more than 2 or 3 days, your doctor may discharge you to a rehab facility to continue your treatment and recovery.  You have a choice of WHICH facility you go to.  How do you choose?

All post-acute rehabs provide around-the-clock nursing care, and provide Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapy based on your condition, and orders from your doctor.  Most often, your stay will be covered entirely, or at least in part, by your health insurance.  The length of your stay will depend on your condition and your progress toward returning home safely.

The best way to know which rehab to choose is ask people you trust, do some research, and most importantly take a tour and get to know the place ahead of time.  Unfortunately most people don’t do this because they don’t think they will ever need it…. Until they do.  Then there’s no time to do it.  Take the time now.  Go visit a few.  How do they look? Smell? Feel? How is the staffing? Are they friendly? Professional? How are the patient outcomes? Ask about medical specialists or special services they provide.

I invite you to tour Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan to learn more.  We are a 5-star facility as rated by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (  We have RNs, LPNs, Nurses Aides, and Respiratory Therapists always on-site, 24/7. Our Physical Therapy department works every day, even weekends.  We have medical specialists in pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, and wound care, to name a few. In addition to post-acute care, we have a specialty Ventilator Unit, provide long-term care, respite care, and have Assisted Living as well.

If you have any questions or want to know more about sub-acute care, or to schedule a tour of the Atrium, feel free to contact me. –Sandy Palermo, RN, BSN, Director of Marketing at Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan., 973-897-8114.




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