Sub-Acute Care: How Do You Plan?

We know the importance of planning for the future.  Unfortunately none of us plan to have a critical illness, injury, or accident that lands us in the hospital.  These days, hospital stays are shorter than ever, and then you’re told to choose a “sub-acute rehab” to go to because you can’t go home yet.  How do you plan for that?  And what is a “sub-acute rehab” anyhow?

Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan is a sub-acute rehab.  “Sub-acute and “Post-acute” mean the same thing when it comes to rehab facilities.  It literally means AFTER your stay in a hospital (which is an “acute” care facility).  It’s important to have a basic understanding of this just in case an unfortunate event happens to you or someone you care about.  If you’re in the hospital for more than 2 or 3 days, your doctor may discharge you to a rehab facility to continue your treatment and recovery.  You have a choice of WHICH facility you go to.  How do you choose?

All post-acute rehabs provide around-the-clock nursing care, and provide Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapy based on your condition, and orders from your doctor.  Most often, your stay will be covered entirely, or at least in part, by your health insurance.  The length of your stay will depend on your condition and your progress toward returning home safely.

The best way to know which rehab to choose is ask people you trust, do some research, and most importantly take a tour and get to know the place ahead of time.  Unfortunately most people don’t do this because they don’t think they will ever need it…. Until they do.  Then there’s no time to do it.  Take the time now.  Go visit a few.  How do they look? Smell? Feel? How is the staffing? Are they friendly? Professional? How are the patient outcomes? Ask about medical specialists or special services they provide.

I invite you to tour Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan to learn more.  We are a 5-star facility as rated by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (  We have RNs, LPNs, Nurses Aides, and Respiratory Therapists always on-site, 24/7. Our Physical Therapy department works every day, even weekends.  We have medical specialists in pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, and wound care, to name a few. In addition to post-acute care, we have a specialty Ventilator Unit, provide long-term care, respite care, and have Assisted Living as well.

If you have any questions or want to know more about sub-acute care, or to schedule a tour of the Atrium, feel free to contact me. –Sandy Palermo, RN, BSN, Director of Marketing at Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan., 973-897-8114.




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