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Committees & Groups

The Monmouth Chamber of Commerce understands that the success of local business is the engine that drives economic development in the community. To keep your brand growing requires new and lasting customer relationships that can only be found through networking, marketing, and remaining up-to-date on best business practices. To help you accomplish these objectives, our organization is subdivided into different committees, each with their own specialties, that work together to achieve a common goal of empowering the member communities through commerce. Below are some of our active committees along with each committees co-chair. Reach out today and get involved.

What can the MRCC committees offer my business?

  • Our monthly networking events attract hundreds of local business representatives and professionals; giving you the opportunity to cultivate more business relationships and market your brand.
  • Increased credibility and visibility of your brand or profession.
  • A plethora of business knowledge, services and resources for educational and professional development.
  • Increase sales by widening your customer demographic and development of relationships.
  • Opportunities to contribute your skills thus demonstrating your expertise.
  • Optimize your marketing potential through workshops and seminars.

Contact us today and get involved with one of the number of committees the Monmouth Regional Chamber of Commerce has to offer and make a difference.